MTN Nigeria allows data sharing as MTN Ghana blocks the service


All telcos, particularly MTN, have promised to empower their customers and give them full control on how they want to apply their airtime and data bundles. In spite of that fine promise, MTN Ghana allows only MTN sharing, but they do not allow data sharing. 

Meanwhile, MTN Nigeria is actually making true the promise to empower customers by allowing data sharing, which enables customers to share their data bundles with friends and family, if they so wish. This allows people to help loved ones in distress.

Here is how to do data sharing on MTN Nigeria;

1. Dial *312# to share data on MTN – 

The primary code used to share data on MTN in Nigeria is *312#, which is now the universal code for data-related services on mobile networks in Nigeria. Dial this code on your mobile phone to access the data sharing menu.

2. Select “0.Next”

After dialling *312#, you will see a list of options. Select the option 0 for “Next”. This typically involves sending a corresponding number from the menu options provided.

3. Choose “7. Gift Data”

You will be prompted to choose between more data options. Select ‘Gift Data’ to share a specific amount of data.

4. Select “1. Transfer from Data Balance”

You have the option to choose whether to transfer the data from your existing balance or buy directly from MTN for your potential receiver.

5. Enter the recipient’s number

Input the MTN number of the recipient you wish to share data with. Ensure the number is correct to avoid sending data to the wrong person.

6. Specify the data amount

Indicate the amount of data you want to share from the list provided. This can be in MB or GB, depending on your available balance.

7. Confirm the transaction

Review the details you’ve entered and confirm the transaction.


This data sharing feature clearly empowers customers to apply their data the way they want. It is therefore a conundrum for MTN Ghana to be on a journey to empower customers through digital, and yet they have put moratorium on data sharing, and allow only airtime sharing.

Techfocus24 would like to encourage MTN Ghana, the market leader to take a cue from its sister operator, MTN Nigeria and create a platform, whether a USSD or a digital channel for customers to be able to share data with their loved ones.


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