Ghana’s Firstcode brings back-office outsourcing expertise to Rwanda


Firstcode, a professional services firm based in Ghana, launched its Rwanda office on Friday, June 28. It aims to provide unrivalled corporate support and market entry solutions to multinational companies, SMEs, and startups seeking to start and grow their businesses in Rwanda.

“We chose Rwanda as our East African gateway. Today symbolises the opening of our doors to business in Rwanda and the introduction of our professional and corporate support services to the East Africa Business Community,” stated Firstcode’s Managing Director, King Kojo Sarfo.

He continued, “We have seen Rwanda on a trajectory for growth and development, which is why we chose this country. Our objectives align with the government’s plan to attract investment within Rwanda and the rest of East Africa. We are confident that our decision will prove beneficial in the long run, and we are here to collaborate with the local investor community and support foreign direct investments to Rwanda.”

More and more companies are choosing to outsource or offshore back-office roles to reduce internal costs. Firstcode seeks to leverage the market entry experience of its professional team members to augment the local expertise in Rwanda and provide a soft landing for foreign investors.

The company describes its services as ‘back-office outsourcing’, where businesses delegate non-core critical functions—such as accounting, tax, and regulatory compliance—to a third-party provider (namely, themselves).  Firstcode is unwavering in its commitment to becoming a leading provider of business consulting and market entry support.

“Over the past ten years, we have consistently delivered successful outcomes for investors through our market entry, consulting, and advisory services. We have facilitated business set-up and incorporation, conducted market research and feasibility studies, and provided training and business support for entities looking to establish a presence in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

“Recognising opportunities across Africa, we chose Rwanda due to its political and economic stability, government initiatives to attract investors and strong infrastructure to support business growth,” he said.

Mr. Sarfo introduced Sarpong Ohene Frempong as the Country Lead for Firstcode Rwanda. Regarding the target audience and access to Firstcode services, Mr. Sarpong explained, “Firstcode is unique because we are sector-neutral and industry-neutral with services that guarantee companies to focus on their core business activities. Our corporate and professional support services span various sectors, including international development, construction, engineering, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and more.

“Whether you’re in pharmaceuticals, health, tourism, or trading, concentrate on what you do best, and let us handle your tax compliance, company secretarial and regulatory issues, accounting, human capital, and other corporate support services.”

Frank Gisha, a member of the board of directors at Firstcode and CEO of the East Africa Tourism Platform (EATP), expressed, “As Firstcode enters the Rwandan market, we view ourselves as an investment multiplier.”

Gisha was excited to share how the managing director, King Kojo Sarfo, became interested and more determined to set up in Rwanda following the warm and welcoming gestures expressed by the people he met during his first trip to Kigali. “The exceptional courtesy and service excellence that Rwandans offer to visitors from across Africa and beyond have played a role in making today’s launch possible.”

Gisha described Firstcode Rwanda’s vision, emphasising the company’s goal of providing a comprehensive suite of corporate business support services to investors entering Rwanda and the surrounding area. These services include financial advice, human resource management, and human capital development. He emphasised that their efforts are consistent with the intra-Africa trade agenda, which seeks to facilitate the exchange and flow of capital throughout the continent.


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