MTN Heroes of Change: Journalist changes attitudes towards Covid-19


MTN Heroes of Change Season 6  showcases the work of Portia Gabor in the 8th episode. Portia sees journalism as a calling, and it is her aim to tell good stories for the greater good.

When the Covid-19 virus broke out in Ghana in March 2020, Portia Gabor was one of the many responders who was at the frontline documenting the response to the pandemic. Risking it all, Portia together with her camera man reported on happenings at the Ga-East Municipal Hospital, Ghana’s first infectious disease centre to provide coverage and tell stories of patients, the treatments they were receiving, survival rate as well as unfolding events.

Portia also leveraged her platform to launch a fund-raising initiative to support COVID-19 patients.

Speaking on the impact of her work, Portia said, “Through our reporting and storytelling, Ghanaians were exposed to the realities of the pandemic and became more cautious.”

“I feel I am living my true purpose for which God brought me tothis earth. It is a gift, the ability to tell good stories to change lives and there is nothing more fulfilling than that,” she added.

Despite the risk and challenges involved, Portia and her camera man knew it was their duty to bring these stories to Ghanaians and played their part in the fight against the virus. For Portia, the fight against COVID continues and she will continue to leverage her platform to tell stories on vaccine innovation.

MTN Heroes of Change Season 6 is being aired on UTV on Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays on GTV at 5:00pm and TV3 at 5:20pm.


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