Nokia, ATU partner for Africa digitalization boost


Nokia and the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) are working together to boost digital transformation efforts in Africa, focusing on bridging the digital divide and developing Industry 4.0 use cases.

In a statement, Nokia detailed plans to explore ways to expand connectivity, and implement emerging technologies and business models alongside 5G.

Also in focus is promoting digital inclusion and diversity, developing talent for digital innovation and helping local governments shape telecoms policies.

Head of Nokia Central, East and West Africa Market Unit, Rajiv Aggarwal stated the company will employ its expertise to “positively impact the universal socio-economic development in the continent”.

ATU Secretary General, John Omo dubbed the partnership with Nokia as “crucial” for the organization’s goal to accelerate the continent’s digital transformation and knowledge.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Ericsson and the ATU issued recommendations for spectrum allocation and usage in the region, while reports in June stated Huawei teamed with the industry group to boost capacity and digital skills.


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