Paystack launches virtual terminal in Ghana, three other countries


Paystack, one of Africa’s leading payment platforms has introduced its virtual terminal in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya and South Africa.

The system, first introduced in Nigeria in 2021, enabled businesses to accept in-person payments swiftly and at scale, with ZERO hardware costs.

Paystack Virtual Terminal is a simple, hardware-free solution for businesses that accept in-person payments, such as retail stores, restaurants, or pay-on-delivery services. It streamlines your payment processes by integrating Paystack’s seamless online checkout experience directly into your physical location, complete with real-time payment notifications to alert you about transactions.

With Paystack Virtual Terminal, you can generate unique QR codes for any customer-facing staff, such as cashiers, delivery riders, or sales agents. When a customer scans the QR code, they can choose to pay via any of Paystack’s multiple payment channels—Mobile Money, Cards, Apple Pay, and more.

After the successful payment, the staff member gets an instant confirmation via WhatsApp, and the customer can be on their way.

With a single QR code, Virtual Terminal offers customers in each country a variety of payment methods optimized for that region.


Available payment methods: MTN MoMo, Telecel Cash (previously Vodafone Cash), AirtelTigo Money, Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay.

Côte d’Ivoire

Available payment methods: MTN MoMo, Wave, Orange Money, Visa, Mastercard, and Apple Pay.


Available payment methods: M-PESA, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay.

South Africa

Available payment methods: Scan to Pay, SnapScan, EFT, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Apple Pay.

Why Paystack Virtual Terminal

Scale in-store payments across multiple staff and locations, in seconds

Virtual Terminal dramatically simplifies your business operations. Whether your business operates with a single sales agent or spans a network of 1,000 across multiple stores in various cities, Virtual Terminal is incredibly easy to scale geographically.

You simply create as many QR codes as you need and assign them to your sales agents, all from your Paystack Dashboard. This eliminates the operational burden of managing multiple physical POS devices, while significantly cutting your costs.

Allow sales agents to confirm payments, without seeing bank balances

When you assign virtual QR codes to your sales agents, they receive WhatsApp notifications for successful payments. The “successful payment” alert with the amount received is the only thing that the agent sees: the notification does not contain any additional information, such as the total amount of money your business has received. Only you, the administrator of the business, can access that information via the Paystack Dashboard.

Additionally, you can disable a Virtual Terminal QR code at any time, change the WhatsApp number tied to it, and also set it up so that multiple WhatsApp numbers receive an alert when a payment is made.

Give your customers a wide range of in-person payment options

Each Virtual Terminal account comes with a beautiful, autogenerated poster that you can print from the Paystack Dashboard and prominently display to inform customers about the wide range of payment methods available to them.

Some businesses choose to display this poster as a table tent, while others create a smart-looking lanyard that staff can easily carry around.

However your customers prefer to pay, you’ll be able to accept that payment seamlessly, and all Virtual Terminal payments are ultimately deposited into your preferred payout bank account.


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