3RD quarter edition of Ghana FinTech Report released


SUSTINERI ATTORNEYS PRUC, a client-centric boutique law firm specializing in Corporate, Transactions, Tax, and Disputes has released its 3rd Quarter edition of “the Ghana Fintech Report”.

This edition provides a comprehensive guide into the dynamic and evolving fintech ecosystem, providing valuable insights into emerging trends and innovations that are reshaping the financial services landscape.

The report also explores how advancements in blockchain are transforming the operationalization and delivery of financial solutions and examines the innovative business models and solutions emerging in the fintech ecosystem.

Notably, it identifies and analyses some key trends shaping access to and the delivery of financial solutions such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and provided valuable consumer insights on some important considerations to be made when adopting or patronizing fintech solutions.

This edition is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.

Download a copy of the report using the link – 3rd Quarter Edition – Ghana Fintech Report.


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