Africa Data Centres, Onix partner to meet Africa’s data storage needs

Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, ADC (left) and Yen Choi, Onix (right) shaking hands after unveiling the partnership

Africa Data Centres (ADC) and Onix Data Centre (ODC) are teaming up to expand their footprint in West Africa, starting with Ghana.

The companies signed a historic partnership agreement at the 13th Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards in Accra.

The partnership will boost digital infrastructure and ensure data generated in Africa stays within the borders of the continent for better security and performance.

Regional Executive for West Africa at Africa Data Centres, Dr. Krishnan Ranganath and the CEO of Onix Data Centre, Yen Choi signed on behalf of their two companies.

At the signing, Dr. Ranganath said “Our collaboration with Onix Data Centre allows us to leverage innovative technologies and sustainable practices, enhancing our ability to serve the West African market effectively.”

According to him data is currently the oxygen for both the private and public sectors across the world, at it makes no sense for Africa countries to store their oxygen they deepen on in other countries outside of the continent.

“It does not make sense to live in Accra but build your house in Lagos,” he said.

Dr. Ranganath believes that the partnership between ADC and Onix will help to spread data centres across the continent faster and cheaper, so they two ecosystem players can offer their services more efficiently and at more affordable rates to entities on the continent.

On his part, Yen Choi highlighted his company’s commitment to top-notch quality, matching global tech standards.

He said the data centre Onix runs in Accra now has enough capacity to hold data as large as 30 football fields, adding however that, very soon the volume of data generated across the continent will require more capacity, and that is why partnerships with Pan-African institutions like ADC is critical.

In terms of the benefits, he noted that the adverse impact of the recent undersea cable cut on Ghana and other Africa countries could have been avoided, if the affected institutions had stored their data locally.

Yen Choi is therefore confident that the partnership with ADC will create value for local institutions store their data locally for easy accessibility, better performance and security.

Meanwhile, the marriage between ADC and Onix has already delivered a child called UniCloud Africa, an organization that supports both large organizations and SMEs, driving economic growth and digital transformation.

CEO of UniCloud Africa, Ladi Okuneye said “This collaboration enables small and medium-sized enterprises to access advanced digital infrastructure safely and at a very affordable rate.”

He explained that instead of individual institutions having to make huge expenses to acquire servers for the storage of their data, UniCloud, through the hosting by ADC and Onix, provides a platform where both large and small businesses could store and access their data via the cloud at minimal cost.


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