Ernest Owusu Bempah writes: Kofi Bentil was right; Prof Ransford Gyampo must shut up


I notice that after Kofi Bentil’s glowing endorsement of Dr Bawumia’s candidature for presidential office, morally deficient characters like Prof Ransford Gyampo are out in the public square having a field day.

Kofi Bentil simply opined that amongst the two fore runners for the 2024 presidential elections, Dr. Bawumia is more credible to lead.

And as always Ransford Gyampo is out there with a dagger trying to mark Bawumia’s homework and to award marks. He’s an expert in that. Isn’t it?

Honestly, it has been excruciating reading Ransford Gyampo’s response to Kofi Bentil.

Indeed, it was a harmless advocacy by Kofi Bentil and instead of Rasnford Gyampo and his likes, to counter him with verifiable facts to render his argument lifeless, they’re out there on the offensive and acting like the proverbial Kweku Ananse who thought he owns all the wisdom in the universe.

In fact, the irredeemable dreadfulness of Rasnford Gyampo’s argument confirms my long held suspicions that the man has simply lost it.

Ransford Gyampo feels he is the most important person in any room he enters; His ego is in inverse proportion to his self worth. There is Gyampo’s World or there is nothing. That level of narcissism must get tiring after a while – the constant struggle to reconfigure reality, the terror of it all falling apart.

Truly, nobody is advocating that Dr Bawumia should be given a free pass but then, we need to have a dispassionate conversation about the two front runners seeking to lead our nation, and the conversation ought to be fact based.

Isn’t it a fact that Dr Bawumia hasn’t been President? Isn’t it also true that Mahama has been President before?

Isn’t it true that Dr Bawumia has been Ghana’s best and most impactful Vice President ever?

Again, isn’t it pretty obvious that Dr Bawumia is incorruptible?

Can we say the same about Mahama?

Is Mahama not under investigations by the Office of the Special Prosecutor?

Isn’t it trite that Mahama has been embroiled in corrupt activities locally and internationally?

Isn’t it also true that the Special Prosecutor has established that Mahama is Government Official 1 in the receipt of bribes regarding the Airbus corruption saga?

So, where is the lie in Kofi Bentil’s argument?

I am always bemused as to how those people who say they are opposed to the Dr Bawumia always transform into comedians once there’s a call for intellectual conversation between Bawumia and Mahama.

Yes, by courtesy of a democratic vote on both sides of the political aisle, Dr Bawumia will win the presidency in the forthcoming elections and all of this tiresome nonsense will be left for future generations of schoolkids to marvel at the pettiness of it all

I shall be back

By Ernest Owusu-Bempah
Deputy Director of Communications, NPP


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