Ghana Police Service launches Traffitech-GH to detect road traffic offenses


The Ghana Police Service (GPS) has rolled out a technology platform to effectively enforce road traffic regulations and enhance the safety of all road users.

The system known as Traffictech-GH, uses cameras and sensors to capture images and videos of vehicles that disregard road traffic laws.

The system will also ensure that drivers will no longer have to be stopped by the police on the highways as offenders will automatically be notified of their offenses via Short Message Service (SMS).

The initiative was revealed at a high-profile stakeholder engagement focused on ensuring safety on the road.

Speaking at the event, the Director-General of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, COP Francis Ebenezer Doku said that the system issues automatic fines with a view to increasing compliance and safety on the roads.

He is confident the system will automatically put motorists on the alert and compel them to adhere to road regulations.

“Traffictech-Ghana is important to maintain social order within the communities with a view to one protecting high sense of public trust in the police, facilitating law-abiding behaviours, fostering compliance and cooperation at the same time, and increasing the rate of detecting road traffic offenses,” he said.


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