GhIPSS and CEO Archie Hesse recognized at GITTA2024

Archie Hesse, GhIPSS CEO displays his GITTA2024 Award

Ghana’s payments leader, Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Archie Hesse, were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the payment systems industry at the 13th Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards (GITTA).

Archie Hesse received the “Digital Payment Leader of the Year” award, while GhIPSS received the “Payment Infrastructure Leader” award.

This is the 5th  time Archie Hesse has been awarded by GITTA for his contributions to the payment systems industry. Under his leadership, GhIPSS has transformed Ghana’s payment systems landscape with the introduction of interoperable payment solutions.

Notable innovations under Archie Hesse include Mobile Money Interoperability, Ghana’s Universal QR code – GhQR, GhanaPay Mobile Money, the automation of the clearinghouse system and the introduction of the ACH Direct Credit Near Real Time, among other things.

A cross-section of GhIPSS staff display their award

GhIPSS has placed Ghana on the world map with its financial inclusion triangle, which is hailed at both the continental and global levels as one of the most progressive instant payment infrastructure in the world. Indeed, how GhIPSS has enabled payments via QR code from and into mobile wallets has served as a model for several countries to follow.

A few months back, GhIPSS signed a partnership agreement with Visa Card to start processing all Visa Card transactions locally, to help both banks and their customers make savings on such transactions. A similar agreement with Mastercard is in the pipeline. This will open the door for GhIPSS’s own ghlink card to be integrated with Visa and Mastercard to enable ghlink card holders to do online transactions seamlessly and affordably.

GhIPSS has been at the forefront of driving financial inclusion and digital empowerment, fostering economic growth and development at both individual and national levels.

GhIPSS’s payment infrastructure is used by all banks in Ghana, including the ARB Apex Bank and its affiliates, savings and loans companies, and third-party payment service providers.

GhIPSS remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, driving sustainable growth, and creating value for all stakeholders.

Mr. Hesse emphasized the continued importance of collaboration with stakeholders to solidify these gains.

This prestigious award serves as a springboard for GhIPSS’s next chapter of success.

GITTA is the most celebrated industry awards for the ICT and Telecom industry. Now in its 13th Year, GITTA is organized by Instinct Wave in partnership with the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications. It is widely touted as the Oscars for Ghana’s Tech Industry.


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