Google in US$5 billion lawsuit for alleged privacy breaches

Google has been sued in the United States for allegedly tracking user activity through hundreds of thousands of apps, even after people had opted out of sharing information.

The lawsuit is seeking a class action against the tech giant  and was filed by law firm Boies Schiller Flexner on behalf of several individuals.

This is the second time the global tech giant is facing a huge lawsuit in its home country in the last two months.

Last month, the same law firm filed another suit related to privacy in Google’s Chrome browser.


The litigants sued Google for $5 billion for allegedly tracking people’s internet use, even when their browsers were set to incognito mode.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


Google operates in Ghana as C-square and Ghanaians hardly payment attention to privacy breaches by such tech giants.

Anyone in yet to file any such suit regarding privacy breaches against Google in Ghana.

But such breaches against Google users in advances markets and democracies, only raise concerns about what they could be doing to users in developing countries like Ghana, who are mostly likely more exposed.

Industry regulators in Ghana would need to keep a closer eye on the activities of tech giants like Google with a view to protect consumers of their services in Ghana.


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