Kudigo is now Verifibuy

Ïrina Oduro, new CEO of Verifibuy.

Kudigo, a trailblazer in omnichannel retail for small and micro-businesses across Africa has rebranded to Verifibuy, with the backing of Google Black Founders Fund, Catalyst Fund, and Founders Factory.

The rebranding is part of a transformative journey which positions the startup to reshape the informal retail landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa under the guidance of its newly appointed CEO, Ïrina Oduro.

Under the visionary stewardship of outgoing CEO Kingsley Abrokwah, Kudigo (now Verifibuy) forged its identity by delivering scalable technology solutions tailored to the distinctive needs of African enterprises. Abrokwah’s tenure witnessed a steadfast dedication to digitizing informal retail, empowering countless businesses with tools to excel in an increasingly digital economy.

At its core, Verifibuy is committed to empowering businesses and fueling economic advancement. Through its innovative technology solutions, the startup has spurred job creation, facilitated commerce digitization, and amassed a wealth of verifiable data on African markets.

The appointment of Ïrina Oduro as the new CEO signifies a pivotal moment in Verifibuy’s evolution. With a technology background and a drive for innovation, Irina is poised to guide the company into a new phase of expansion and transformation.

The essence of Verifibuy’s rebranding lies in its dedication to pushing the boundaries of social commerce, data analytics, and AI-driven commerce tools on the continent. Last year, the company introduced its social commerce escrow solution, demonstrating its commitment to fostering trust in social commerce transactions.

Social commerce has emerged as the preferred mode of commerce in Sub-Saharan Africa, buoyed by the region’s dynamic social networks and burgeoning digital landscape. Verifibuy’s social commerce escrow solution resonates with consumers, offering a secure and transparent transaction platform while nurturing community engagement.

By harnessing data and AI, Verifibuy aims to equip businesses with actionable insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and remain ahead in a swiftly evolving market. The rebranding underscores the company’s renewed focus on innovation and its dedication to driving positive change in the African retail sector.


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