MTN launches Home Internet Service

Noel Kojo-Ganson - Chief Commercial Officer - MTN Ghana

MTN Ghana has launched a home internet service dubbed MTN HOME to offer affordable internet services to customers in their homes.

MTN Home is an unparalleled broadband service that provides high-speed internet access, facilitating live streaming, video-on-demand, and home internet automation services.

This, according to a statement from MTN, will ensure that subscribers truly receive the benefits of a connected world.

MTN Home, which is currently available to customers nationwide, offers cheaper data, video and voice services to families.

Commenting on the MTN Home Service, the Chief Marketing Officer for MTN, Noel Kojo- Ganson said, “the COVID- 19 pandemic has facilitated Work-from-Home, Online Schooling, Webinars and E-Commerce and it takes access to fast and reliable internet service to make these possible”.

“As a network that is working towards leading the delivery of a bold new digital world for customers, we believe that every home and office deserves to experience the benefit of a modern connected life and that is the driving force behind MTN Home service”. We continue to invest in technology solutions that will enable our Customers enjoy the best value propositions”, he added.

Data offers on the MTN HOME service can be accessed by dialing *5057#. Customers can check the availability of the MTN Home service in their locality by visiting the MTN Ghana website on or calling 0244308111 on week days.

The launch of MTN Home  adds to the catalogue of other products and services designed by MTN to offer fast and reliable broadband services to Customers.


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