Nokia 8.3 5G stands no chance against competition – Reviewers


Nokia 8.3 5G was announced back in March 2020, but since the year 2020 isn’t going smoothly as years before, the same goes for the launch date of Nokia’s latest affordable flagship.

It seems that Nokia 8.3 5G had to be announced twice since some words were said yesterday at the online event Nokia Mobile held.

But, the device is already circulating around since the first reviews started popping up on the Internet, which is good.

One of the first we stumbled upon is the review done by DigitalTrends, and it is quite a light reading, which is commendable.

According to the reviewer, Nokia 8.3 5G is a phone worthy of your attention because it is coming in a beautifully designed body, has a powerful 64MP main camera producing great shots, a beautiful 6.8-inch hole punch IPS display, and good battery life thanks to the 4500 mAh battery.

The phone supports 5G also, but the price is pretty high since the competition is offering similar features and options at a relatively lower price.

Also, it seems that SD765G is holding on pretty well too, even though it is not tuned as well as in the other phones that are using it.

The main disadvantages of the phone are the lack of zoom, not so good 2MP macro camera, and the lack of water resistance.

The reviewer also noticed some bugs in the software, but at the end pointed out that all the disadvantages are not holding the phone back, and it could be worthy of your time.

Seems to me that Nokia Mobile did a nice job and created a great midrange phone, which is going to have trouble fighting against the competition like LG velvet, Moto Edge, and OnePlus Nord, which are priced better.

Anyway, do check the review dine by Digitaltrends, and you can also check the review by techadvisor, which has pretty much similar conclusion.


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