Prof Adei denies corruption allegations, opens Pandora’s box of more corruption


    Recent past Board Chairman of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei has flatly denied allegations of corruption leveled against him by a radio presenter called Kwabena Kwakye.

    Prof. Adei is known for speaking up against corruption in government, no matter which political party is in power; and he had worked in public office in various capacities under all five presidents of the fourth republic. In fact he even got more appointments under this current government.

    But since he left office as GRA Board Chair, the said radio presenter has made it a point to accuse him of all kinds of corruption simply because Prof. Adei has continued in his consistent crusade against corruption by public officers.

    Some of the allegations are that Prof. Adei awarded a contract to his son, that he favored a contractor that quoted $10 million over one that quoted $5 million and that GRA bought a four-wheel drive car for him as Board Chair.

    But in a two page response to the allegations leveled against him, Prof. Adei described each of them as “completely false” and urged Ghanaians to treat them with the contempt they deserve.

    Indian company to collect our taxes 

    Even more striking in his two page letter is a revelation that after he and his board had managed to ensure that local entities with the expertise got the contracts to work for Ghana, now the GRA, under a new board and with the support of government, is now considering an Indian company for domestic tax collection beginning 2025.

    This is a complete Pandora’s box of well calculate corruption machine being put together by the government and it’s cohorts at GRA.

    Stay tuned for the full story with hard evidence, documents, names, numbers and more.

    Find Prof. Adei’s full statement below:



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