#SQUEAK – Stanchart SC Mobile, this is not cool

You remember I told you about my great experience with SC Mobile not long ago. But I did promise that if I have issues with it, I will talk about it here.
Let’s take this in a chronological order:
1. I opened an account via the App and it was great. I told you about it.
2. I did not have any option on what type of ACCOUNT, but the system opened eYouth Account for me by default.
3. Then I was issued with an ATM Card and I was told it was for FREE.
4. I sent money from my Mobile Money wallet into the account twice.
5. Recently, I checked the account and I realized I have been debited Ghc10 in four installments of GHC2.50 every month for four months.
6. I contacted the customer service person I was earlier introduced to and she said the charge was for ATM Card maintenance.
7. But I was told the card was for FREE, even though I am aware I will be charged when I use it. But I have never used the card, and yet I am being charged maintenance fee even though I was told it is for free.
I have to admit the ghc2.50 maintenance fee per month is the lowest on the market. Other banks charge way higher. But I was told the card was FREE. Communication is very important. Apparently, some service providers don’t take it seriously.
8. The lady now explains that the issuance and delivery of the card were for free but maintenance is not. But that was not made clear from the start.
Bank of Ghana needs to get banks to make their communication clearer and honest. They often engage in half truths only to pull surprises on customers after the customer is already hooked on. That needs to be punished so that they stop it.
9. Secondly, if the account is called eYouth account, it suggests that it is targeted at young people, to encourage them into banking. So I don’t understand why the account does not accrue any interest. No incentives at all. Why would a bank create an account for young people which has no incentives whatsoever, and yet make it a default account for people who want to open an account for the first time on the SC Mobile App?
I don’t know about now, but in the past when I opened an account with a bank outside of Ghana, that bank gave me a token for being a first timer, and even paid me more for bringing other new customers. But Stanchart won’t dash me anything, they will also not give me any interest on that default account, and yet they charge me for card maintenance after promoting it as free.
How is Stanchart encouraging the youth to bank by putting out a default account on their SC Mobile App which does not give any incentive whatsoever?
The SC Mobile App may be cool, but these two issues I have raised are NOT cool at all.


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