TCL 8K QLED TV comes to Ghana


TCL, one of the fastest growing smart TV brands in the world, has recently taken the game to another level with the release of its 8K QLED high definition TV around the world.

Ghana is one of the countries that have received a sample of the out-of-the-world picture quality TV, reserved for people who want the best of the best picture quality at a high-end price.

Prior to releasing the magical picture quality 8K QLED TV, TCL was already making waves with its 4K QLED version, which came with an inbuilt home entertainment set, and yet very affordable.

The TCL 8K QLED TV is a premium TV that comes in only 75” for now, but the company is expected to release smaller versions, which would suit the budget of clients who are down for great viewing experience in terms of quality pictures.

The 8K brand is not gone to market yet, but it is already tickling the fancy of critics who have seen the samples.

Techgh24 had the opportunity of viewing moving pictures on the TCL 8K QLED TV on display in the TCL Ghana showroom, and the picture quality could only be described as “detailed, sharp and something from outside the galaxy.”

Officials of TCL Ghana told Techgh24 that the price of the 75” 8K TV stands at a whopping GHC29,000, adding that it was not intended to be a mass market product, but later versions will be tailor-made for the local market.

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TCL is rapidly taking over the mid-range television space. It’s a spot it’s been vying for over the last five years, and with everything from budget HDR sets to the recent 8K QLEDs to offer, it’s really beginning to hold its own.

8K Features

TCL QLED 8K comes with in-built home entertainment set

This year also marks the first time TCL has brought QLED TVs to the Ghana, along with a new 8K TV dubbed the TCL X915 that’s now IMAX Enhanced certified – which means it has the high quality and globally recognized the IMAX signature pictures and sound suited for home entertainment.

The TCL 8K TV is a combination of a Mini-LED TV, a QLED TV, and Roku TV all rolled into one, and viewers can expect quantum dot-assisted contrast, advanced upscaling, improved viewing angles, and dolby vision support to boot.

TCL has quickly carved a niche for it itself as one of the fastest growing TV manufacturers offering 2K LED TVs, UHD Android TVs, UHD Smart TVs, FHD/HD Smart TVs, and FHD/HD Slim Led TVs at low prices.

In the US, where it has become a household name, there are new versions of the TCL 6-Series and 5-Series, too, that use MiniLED and QLED, respectively.

TCL has held a steady 10% market share of the global LCD TV market for the past couple of years, as one of the largest TV manufacturers alongside Samsung and LG.

Indeed, companies such as Alcatel and Samsung have outsourced the manufacturing of some models of LCD television to TCL because of its strategic location to lower the production costs.

So it’s more likely than ever that users will come across a TCL TV anywhere in in the world for the perfect home television.

To spread their brand name, TCL have partnered with many companies in the fields of sports, entertainment, music and technology. The company uses TCL Wide Color Gamut technology to deliver the purest LED backlight, which in turn helps to improve display performance and the vividness of the picture.

Moreover, TCL brand TVs come equipped with built-in Chromecast that allows users to cast videos or games directly to their TVs.

Voice control

TCL disrupted the market with a feature on its TV remote controls that allowed the user to speak to the remote control for it to perform functions on the TV. But now it has raised the bar by allowing the user to talk directly to the TV and the TV responds as such.

For the remote voice control, ”you simply press the voice control button on the remote control and simply speak into. This command will tell the TV to display whatever you have asked to view. This could be pictures, tv shows, movies, anything that can be viewed online can be viewed on your TCL Android TV by simply asking the question,” the company said on its website.

But the TCL 8K TV comes with a nub at the back, which the user would just have to push up and then issue the command directly to the TV without using the voice control feature on the remote.

In recent years, one of the defining traits of TCL TV’s is their use of Roku TV, which appears in most of the mid-range models in North America. By leveraging Roku’s strengths, TCL TVs have an incredible library of subscription-based streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

2020 focus

TCL’s focus in 2020 is in enhancing existing TV ranges with QLED and Mini-LED technology, as well as pushing further into 8K resolution technologies. TCL co-founded the 8K Association, which works to “define 8K display performance standards and support the outreach and promotion of 8K to consumers and to industry partners, like streaming services.”

As its name implies, mini-LED panels pack in more LEDs into each inch of a screen than traditional TVs – over 25,000 in the 75-inch 8-Series Mini-LED TV – promising even light distribution, uniform color reproduction and wider viewing angles.



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