VIDEO: Artificial tree telecom masts – lessons for telcos and towercos


Telecom masts are very necessary for providing quality of services to consumers. But they have always been a source of anxiety for the residents of communities where they are mounted. The main concerns have always been that the antenas on the masts emit cancerous electromagnetic radiations. Some also complain about the masts denting the beauty of the environment.

But thousands of scientific reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), International Telecommunicationsd Union (ITU) and many other expert institutions have indicated that the anxieties about deadly radiations from telecom masts are unfounded.

To put it in layman’s language; the radiation that come from telecom masts are so low in potency, they are unable harm human body cells even if they came into contact with us. Moreover, due to the height of the masts, the radiations are unable to travel all the way down and affect anyone. They are usually captured/trapped by tall trees.

Indeed, the radiation from our own handheld smart devices like smartphones and tablets are way more harmful than radiation from telecom masts. We are at a much higher risk with those devices than with telecom masts, but we seem less concerned about that.

Till date, some people are still very anxious about masts, and this calls for some innovation just for the purposes of easing people’s anxiety.

Artificial tree telecom mast

Artificial tree telecom masts may just do the trick for the telcos and their tower vendors in dealing with this widespread, yet unfounded anxiety.

On my recent visit to Ho, I found that the Ho Airport, even though not functional, has a towering innovation which telcos and towercos can learn from. They have mounted an artificial tree and fixed their control room antenas on it.

It does two things:

  1. It makes people who live in the community less anxious about radiation.
  2. It also fits into the vegetation and beauty of the environment, unlike the metal masts, which are seen as a dent in the beauty of the environment.

We at Techgh24 are convinced that this is something that telcos and towercos can learn from just to ease people’s anxiety as they beautify the environment and also achieve the all-important aim of providing network accessibility and quality of service.


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