Obsidian Achernar – The shining star in Africa’s financial landscape


Across the globe, the financial sector thrives on trust, efficiency, and customer experience. These, and many more, are what Obsidian Achernar Limited (OA) readily offers its clients.

OA is a wholly Ghanaian-owned entity that specialises in delivering high-quality services for a broad range of financial products. These include financial technology, fixed income, currencies and commodities brokerage and corporate advisory on indigenous companies that aim to compete on the international level. Our passion to help SMEs, multinational corporations and banks to find better pricing on currency and bonds has positioned us as a leader in the market.

It is one thing to do business in Africa, and it’s entirely another to offer services to African firms whiles adhering to the rigorous international standards. We tick and operate within the latter box.

We are here to connect, empower, sustainably develop and secure ease of access to all of the financial markets in Africa. We seek to connect investors and the diaspora to Africa, empowering them to do business here. OA has also developed the connections between the exchanges across the continent, removing borders and ensuring ease of access.

Africa’s economic potential excites OA and that is why we are committed to supporting private sector-led growth on the continent. Our firm does this by providing onshore institutional clients access to leading financial services.

Our wide network of local and offshore clients also ensure that we have competitive pricing on rates. The goal is to help clients to be profitable in a seemingly volatile financial landscape.