Ursula is Digital Leader of the Year, as 60 get GITTA awards

    Ursula Owusu_Ekuful win top award at GITTA

    Minister of Communications and Digitalization, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful walked away with the most distinguished award this year at the Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards (GITTA) for her towering leadership role in the digital Ghana agenda.

    She was adjudged the Digital Leader of the Year, an award which was won by Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia last year for how he has been at the head of Ghana’s digital transformation journey.

    As sector minister, Ursula has been working very closely with the Vice President to deliver all the solid infrastructure and innovation that now constitute the key components of the digital transformation journey.

    Together with the Vice President and their respective expert lieutenants, they have delivered on major infrastructure like the Ghana Card, digital address system, Common Monitoring Platform, paperless port, ICUM, Ghana.gov, National Dashboard for fraud monitoring, Digitalized Property Rate and Land administration, digitalized medical supplies delivery, Mobile Money Interoperability, GHQR and many others, which are defining the country’s digital journey.

    Rural telephony

    Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has also been at the head of initiatives such as the rural telephony and digital inclusion project targeted at connecting unserved and underserved communities in the country to digitally include at least some four million rural dwellers with affordable internet connectivity.

    According to her, that project is being done through the innovative Rural Star UMTS 900 technology, which “I am proud to state that, was developed and implemented for the first time in Ghana due to pressure from me for an inexpensive robust system that provides data and voice services to underserved communities and is now being used globally.”

    She said the project provides up to 70% cost reduction in operations and maintenance of the RT infrastructure, adding some 2,016 sites have been earmarked to be completed by the end of 2022, out of which 500 are already active and improving the socio-economic lives of over 2,000,000 Ghanaians in rural communities across the country.

    Girls in ICT 

    Ursula Owusu-Ekuful at one of the Girls in ICT training sessions

    The Minister is also known to have taken a very dedicated personal interest empowering girls with ICT, which saw the training of 584 in ICT during the peak of Covid-19 pandemic.

    The aim, according to Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, is to bridge the wide gap between males and females in ICT, as a 2017 UNESCO report states that only 35% of world students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are female, and the data on girls offering ICT in particular is only 3 per cent.

    “Our determination to develop the skills of young girls has led to the expansion of our commemoration of the International Telecommunications Union’s annual Girls in ICT Celebrations to encourage and empower girls and young women, to consider studies and careers in the growing field of ICTs.  During this period, selected girls are given basic computer literacy, coding/programming skills to help demystify the notion of ICT as a highly technical field reserved for brilliant and exceptional students. We have also included mentorship and an open day for the best 100 girls,” she said.

    The Minister noted that some additional 1,000 girls in the Western North Region of Ghana have also been given ICT training and the gesture will be extended to the North East Region soon, thanks to the GHC10 million support they received from MTN.


    Again, under her watch, Ghana is rolling out the World Bank-funded designed to improve the allocation of public resources, boost the efficiency and broaden the coverage of priority government services, and nurture entrepreneurship and job creation through ICT.

    According to her, the intended beneficiaries of the scheme include the government, through more efficient and cost-effective delivery of services and administration; the business sector, via lower transaction costs and greater accessibility to government; and individuals, particularly women and the young, through improved public services.

    Cyber Security

    She noted that as government drives the adoption and use of digital technologies across the country, it is also aware of the opportunity it creates for cyber attacks, so the Ministry is putting measures in place to ensure that the digital interventions rolled out as part of the Digital Ghana Agenda are secured from cyber-attacks.

    Under her watch, the Cybersecurity Act, 2020 (Act 1038) has been passed to affirm government’s commitment to protection of the country’s digital infrastructure, applications and services, plus protection for all infrastructure designated as Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) across both the public and private sectors.

    The CIIs are across 13 sector and they include National Security and Intelligence, ICT, Banking and Finance, Energy, Water, Transportation, Health, Emergency Services, Government, Food and Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining and Education, plus some private sector institutions who have been notified as such.

    Those were just a few of the many initiatives Ursula Owusu-Ekuful has led as sector Minister, for which she was adjudged Digital Leader of the Year at the GITTAs this year.

    Meanwhile there were 59 other awardees, comprising of companies and industry captains who continue to make immense contribution to the country’s digital transformation agenda.

    Below is the full list of awardees at this year’s GITTA. 

    Cyber Security Consulting Company of the YearCyberteq Falcon
    Emerging ICT Company of the YearTechnology Advantage Group
    Mobile Data Service Provider of the YearMTN
    Enterprise Solutions Provider of the YearComsys
    Cyber Forensic Technology Solutions Provider of the Yeare-Crime Bureau
    Wholesale Infrastructure provider of the YearCSquared
    Unified Communications Provider of the YearVodafone
    Wireless Infrastructure Provider of the YearATC
    Customer Experience of the YearMTN
    Promoting Public Sector Digital InclusionAscend Digital Solutions
    Payments System Innovation of the YearGhQR By  GhIPSS
    Best Use of ICT in Driving EfficiencyDriver and Vehicle Licensing Authority ( DVLA)
    Metro Fibre Infrastructure Company of the YearComsys
    Excellence in ICT for Sustainable DevelopmentGIFEC
    Telecom Support Company of the YearATC
    Innovative Card Product of The YearEazypay Gh Dual Card By Zenith Bank
    Fintech Company of the YearZeepay
    Mobile Money Leadership AwardMTN Momo
    Smartphone Brand of the YearTECNO
    Internet Service Provider of the YearComsys
    Business Transformation Company of the YearCloudware
    Telecom Business Service Provider of the YearVodafone
    Digital Bank of the YearStandard Chartered
    Best ATM and Kiosk Implementation AwardAbsa
    Innovative Product of the YearVodafone Cash
    Excellence in Cyber Security InitiativesCyber Security Authority
    Mobile Banking App of the yearStandard Chartered
    Excellence in Social InvestmentMTN
    Phone Distributor of the YearMobile Zone
    Best Bank for Financial InclusionZenith Bank Ghana
    Innovative e-payment solutions Provider of the YearAccelerex Ghana
    ICT Manage Services Company of the YearLiranz
    Innovative Data Centre Provider of the YearAfrica Datacentre (ADC)
    Africa Infrastructure Company of the YearIHS
    Excellence in Driving Digital TransformationHUAWEI
    Digital Transformation Provider of the YearReliance Infosystem
    Network Operations Team of the YearMTN Network Team
    Digital Transformation Team of the YearVodafone
    Customer Service Team of the YearMTN Customer Service Team
    Telecom Tower Hall all of FameATC
    Bespoke Data Product of the Year ( Sika Kokoo Data)AirtelTigo
    Outstanding Contribution to ICT Reporting Samuel Dowuona, Editor, Tech24gh
    Most Promising Customer Services Professional of the YearSalihu Abu, Senior Manager, Customer Relations & Credit Management, MTN
    Most Promising Technology Professional of the YearJoseph Lamptey, Technology – Service Delivery, Vodafone
    Most Promising Customer Services Professional of the YearLawrence Akosen, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Planning & Enablement
    Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Phone  IndustryMaxwell Techie, CEO, MobileZone
    Datacenter CEO of the YearStephane Duproz, CEO of Africa Data Centers
    Outstanding Contribution to the Data Center IndustryEngr Ike Nnamani, Founder/CEO Medallion
    Datacenter CTO of the YearKrish Ranganath, CTO, Africa Datacentre
    FinTech Person of the YearAli Hussein, Co-Founder & CEO – Kipochi
    IT Professional of YearEbo Richardson, Chief Enablement and Information Officer, Absa Ghana
    Fintech CEO of the YearAndrew Takyi-Appiah, CEO, Zeepay
    Telecom CTO of the YearThomas Motlepa, CTO, MTN Ghana
    Women in Technology AwardEstelle Akofio-Sowah, West Africa Regional Manager, CSquared
    Payment Industry Personality of the YearArchie Hesse, CEO,

    Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS)

    Industry Personality of the YearPatricia Obo-Nai, CEO, Vodafone Ghana
    Public Sector IT Leadership Award:Kwasi Agyemang Busia, CEO, DVLA
    Technology Person of the YearDr. Tomisin Fashina

    Group Executive – Operations & Technology, Ecobank

    Managing Director of Ecobank Eprocess International

    CEO of the YearSelorm Adadevoh, CEO, MTN Ghana
    Digital Leader of the Year Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful

    Minister of Communications & Digitization




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